Have questions? We have answers.


How long is implementation?

Implementation and setup typically take 1-3 weeks. We’ve purposely made this process as easy as possible. It does not take any development or heavy lifting on your side for implementation. Just sit back, relax and let us do the hard stuff!


How many app integrations can I have?

You can have as many as you’d like! We can be your data hub.


What if I have custom KPIs that don’t exist in my CRM?

We can build out what we call “Advanced KPIs”. These are KPIs that require an equation, such as a conversion rate or require a custom input field within Gamify. Piece of cake.


What if I need an integration that’s not on your list?

We add new integrations all the time and are always happy to add to the list! We can also work with your own proprietary CRM. We have worked with really old systems as well as really easy and new systems, like Hubspot. David and his team, our in-house geniuses (or genies), are on call to help make this process quick and easy. 


Who sets up the leaderboards?

During setup, we can help you configure your first leaderboards! They are super easy to create. Customize them to your needs. We typically see both admins and managers setting up leaderboards, so whether it’s a company-wide competition or a 1-hour call blitz for the “Red Team”, Gamify has got you covered!


Is the platform difficult to learn?

Not at all. Our technology is even kid-tested. A 5-year-old can do it. Gamify was built for the non-technical! The platform was designed by a salesperson and developed by an industry leader app creator who specializes in making complex integrations easy. So we’ve got the secret sauce to make really hard things…stupid easy. 

So no, the platform is not difficult to learn, and typically takes a day or less to learn.


Do you have to have an Apple phone or iOS system to use the app? 

You can download Gamify through the App Store or Google Play!


Can we brand the platform to our company?  

We do this all the time! Just like that time you picked up pre-made food from Costco and told your in-laws you made it, we are happy to give you a platform that looks like your company made it! Just Gamify is better than a chicken bake. 


Do you have support available for questions? How do I contact them? 

Dial “3” for support… JUST KIDDING!! Our 100% human support team is always here to help! Call or email support for immediate assistance!


What is the average increase in sales using Gamify vs. not using Gamify?  

Gamification can increase sales by up to 45%! If you have already adopted elements of gamification, like an incentives program ran on spreadsheets, you’ve already increased your sales by up to 30%! Take it an extra 15% further with Gamify!

Gamify your sales team.