The magic is in the metrics.

We all like winning, especially when we get rewarded for it. With Gamify, your sales reps feel appreciated and release their competitive sides on a whole new level. Whether your team is selling door to door, from a call center, or chasing leads—Gamify is the perfect sales incentive platform for any business. Gamification has been shown to naturally motivate people and increase revenue by up to 45%, allowing you to take the micromanaging out of reporting.


1. Create profiles for each sales rep

Set everyone up for success with their own profile so they can watch and track leads, and keep up with how other team members are doing. Gamify is currently integrated with several CRMs such as Salesforce, PestRoutes, Hubspot, and PestPac with many more on the way.

2. Start selling and have fun doing it.

Here is the beauty of Gamify! Reps will participate in different daily, weekly, or monthly challenges, allowing even lower-performing reps to succeed. Scroll through the social feed to see updates from team members, input leads, and post about your wins.


3. Reps reap the rewards and your sales skyrocket.

Sit back and relax as the sales pour in. With our polished leaderboards, tracking is the easiest part of your day. Set goals and outline KPIs within the app and watch as your reps stay motivated and keep themselves on track.


Do you have field sales or services?


Geo-fencing: Section off sales areas for your reps so they can keep track of everything in one simple spot.


Pin dropping: Drop pins and leave notes on specific areas or houses to save time and systematize your process.


Field technology integrations: Take advantage of integrations with PestPac/Workwave, FieldRoutes, and SalesRoutes!

Check out Gamify’s custom-tailored features.



Spiff/Incentive Management

Social Feed

Trophies, Badges, Coins, Gamification

Configurable CRM & CRM Integrations


Customizable Rewards

Employee Recognition

KPI & Goal Setting/Tracking

Pin Dropping

Automated Rewards & Gift Card Integration